A serious program that feels like playing

Modern outlook on swimming teaching – as well as its comprehensiveness - has been developed at Academia GOTA DAGUA since 1983 through its "Accelerative System", which was conceived as a progressive, dynamic and constantly updated program. Find out how rich a simple session of Hydro Stimulation or Improvement can be. Over more than 20 years' experience with babies, children, adults and the older generation we have devised a set of stimulation patterns ranging from the simplest to the most complex according to technical criteria. Important aspects such as shyness, anxiety, sleep, appetite and others related to psychomotor development and emotional balance are closely observed by our experienced instructors, psychologists and pedagogues while practice takes place. In our Santo Antônio unit, with its three swimming pools heated to 30-32 ºC, stages are clearly defined and their contents keep up with the progress achieved by beginners as much as by those in more advanced stages.

Accelerative System

This method, devised and constantly updated by GOTA D'ÁGUA, takes into account the fact that each child shows his/her own particular reactions in the water. The wide variety of pedagogical material employed together with playful exercises contribute to generate great motivation, which helps children and adults in posture awareness as well as in the discovery of emotinal fine-tuning.

"The child constructs him/herself upon sensorial-motor junctions whose maturation (besides genetic factors) depends amply on exercise."  (Hindley 1972)

Finally, modern educators, parents, pediatricians and psychologists consider this corporal activity highly important.

Improvement, Pre-Team and Team GOTA

After mastering the four swimming styles children are oriented toward technical improvement through competitions, trips and other life experiences meant to constantly increase their sense of independence and self-confidence. GOTA has developed a special software to monitor each individual progress, improvement in swim time and participation in events and trips, all adding up points anually to an individual score in the Bonus Club. At the end of each season valuable prizes are given out to all swimmers, according to their final score.

Grown-ups enjoy Aqua Aerobics, Swimming and Spinning in Water

We have reserved some hours to be scheduled especially by adults, executives and ladies, besides offering meticulous  physical evaluation in order to facilitate customized exercise program follow-up.

Is swimming worthwhile?

Sleep, appetite, affective and cognitive relationships, self-control and better overall oxygenation are some of the positive gains that show up right after the early sessions. Shy or allergic children find in swimming a powerful ally and their progress is immediate and clearly visible. Assiduity is essential for the fixation of gestures  (mastering of techniques and movements ). Parents have noticed that the most assiduous children develop more rapidly. After the advent of heated pools, children nowadays attend sessions in cold or even rainy weather, which helps to strenghten their immune system.

Yes, swimming is worthwhile!

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